Samsung Cassette AC 360 Round 18000 BTU

7.200,00 ر.س7.300,00 ر.س with (VAT)

Samsung Cassette AC 360 Round 18000 BTU with Digital Inverter 1.5 tons, you can choose between white or black color to match the interior design and decoration 

    • Evenly circulates&cools every corner
    • Sterilization of 99% of bacteria (PM 1.0 filter ) + Dust Removal up to 91% in addition to the filter cleaning alarm
    • Motion sensor options + air flow indicator
    • Air purity level display with circular LED display +wireless remote control
    • 10 years warranty on the compressor

Installation service: available in Riyadh only for an amount of SR 350 per AC including delivery

  • To communicate with Project and wholesale sales, call us on the unified number: 920013701
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All round cooling and comfort

The Samsung 360 Cassette air conditioner offers a brand new way of staying comfortably cool in every corner of the room.

Its innovative circular design not only means it perfectly fits in everywhere, adding a sophisticated look to many different sites, but it also blows cool air an all directions, so that the whole room is the same temperature*.

And its bladeless outlet ensures that cool air is gently dispersed, without creating a cold draft **, and doesn’t block the air flow, even at low angels, so it expels more air* and spreads it farther.

مكيف كاسيت سامسونج 360 شكل تدفق الهواء الافقي


Unike 4-way cassette type air conditioners that create Areas of uneven airflow where cool air in can’t reach*, a circular outlet blows cool air in all directions, so every corner of a room is the same temperature

Samsung tasting compared a general 4 way cassette type air conditioner. **Within an 9.3m radius the temperature

مكيف كاسيت سامسونج 360 شكل تدفق الهواء

Spreads much more air in many more ways

An innovative Booster Fan enables cool air to be expelled at much lower angles. It creates a low pressure area around the outlet, so that cool air comes out parallel to the ceiling and disperses across a wider area.

مكيف كاسيت سامسونج 360 شكل المروحة الداخلية
مكيف كاسيت سامسونج 360 الاطار المربع

Circular air distribution is square frame

This is exactly what you need to replace your old 4 way cassette air conditioner, We provide this revelational technology in square shape as well to stay in harmony with your interior design.

Spreads more air more ways

Air-flow direction can be changed easily starting from full horizontal by the remote controller, so the booster fans Can change the air flow direction with blade-less technology.

مكيف كاسيت سامسونج 360 شكل المروحة الداخلية 4

Circular to perfectly fit everywhere

False ceiling is not a must anymore, the graceful cylindrical Air conditioner could be hanged exposed to Add a touch of beauty to your atmosphere.

مكيف كاسيت سامسونج 360 بدون ديكور


Stylish and modern design

The performance of the Samsung cassette air conditioner is not limited to cooling only, but this type of air conditioner is characterized by a circular design that suits the owners of good taste because of its aesthetic character that gives the place a touch of creativity and charm

مكيف كاسيت سامسونج 360 مع الديكور الداخلي 2


مكيف كاسيت سامسونج 360 شكل جهاز التحكم

Simplicity of control along with power saving

360 Cassette Air conditioner controls its performance to keep in line with your expectation via wireless remote controller, to ensure your comfort with committed power saving through even cooling, while the ”Digital inverter” compressors guarantee best performance to maximize the Power saving.

Inverter technology

The Samsung cassette air conditioner is equipped with an inverter feature that works to save the highest amount of energy, which helps to rationalize consumption, as it saves 45% compared to the rest of the air conditioners

مكيف كاسيت سامسونج 360 شكل الوحدة الخارجية
مكيف كاسيت سامسونج 360 التحكم عن طريق التطبيق

SmartThings enabled

Smart Home compatibility for the WindFree™ * 4-Way Cassette through the Samsung Smart Home app,

you Can operate your unit from anywhere at any time. Features include basic control and monitoring of power, mode, set temperature, room temperature, fan speed, supply air louver position, daily, weekly, and Monthly energy consumption monitoring,

and 7-day scheduling for single or multiple units


Samsung is the first brand to offer a 10-year warranty on compressors to give consumers the highest levels of confidence in the performance of its air conditioners

مكيف كاسيت سامسونج 360 الضمان
Weight47 kg
Dimensions94 × 94 × 28 cm



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cold / cold & hot

بارد فقط, حار/بارد

القدرة بالطن


القدرة بالوحدة

18000 BTU



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نوع الفريون


نوع الكمبريسور


نوع النظام

سبليت كاسيت


أبيض, أسود


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