Refund and Return Policy

Requests for replacement or return of customers ' special products are made according to specific conditions, they are as follows:-
1-the customer is obliged to send a replacement or return request to us within 14 days from the time of purchase.
2-the products that the customer wishes to return or replace must be intact and in their original condition and have not been exposed to water or any damage affecting their safety.
3-in case the customer wishes to return or exchange a product, in this case the customer will bear additional shipping fees.
4-after reviewing the customer's request and confirming his eligibility to request a return for a particular product, in this case we will make a transfer of the amounts paid by the customer to us within 14 working days to the customer's account.
5-the customer must show a convincing reason to us so that we can fulfill his order.
6-the customer must send us a clear picture of the product he wants to return or exchange with the return or replacement request that he will attach to us.
7-we will conduct a thorough and thorough examination of the customer's return or replacement request and then we have the full right to accept or reject this request.

Cases in which a return or exchange request for the customer's products can be accepted!

1-the product that arrived to the customer does not match the product that he ordered or the product does not match the description mentioned on our website.
2-the product that has reached the customer has obvious damage or defects in its manufacture.

Cases where a special return or exchange request cannot be accepted Spare parts!

1-the product that has arrived to the customer is intact and there are no damages or defects in its manufacture.
2-in case the customer does not give us a convincing reason to return this product.

Disclaimer of liability:-

1-we will not be responsible for any direct or indirect damages caused to any user as a result of his use or misuse of our website.
2-if the customer provides us with any wrong data and this results in damage to him, we disclaim our liability for such damage and it is borne only by the customer who caused this error.
3-we disclaim our liability in the event that any User discloses any data related to his account to any party and this causes damage to the user, in this case the user is fully responsible for such damage and the United will not bear any responsibility for such damage.
4-we disclaim our liability in case any user violates any law while using our website, and the user who owns this violation bears full legal responsibility for this violation and the administration of our website or our company does not bear any legal responsibility for this violation.
5-we disclaim our responsibility for the quality of the products on our site because we are only Agents of several companies and factories.

Do you need help?

Contact us on the unified number 920013701 Or you can send us an e-mail "" for questions related to refunds and returns.