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Our mission

Providing a comfortable and healthy environment for customers in their homes and businesses, by providing energy-efficient, cost-effective, environmentally friendly and customized air conditioning, cooling and ventilation solutions to meet their needs accurately.

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Our vision

To be a global leader in the field of HVAC and integrated facilities management by focusing on innovation, using modern technology and providing exceptional customer service with innovative solutions.

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Our values

Compliance with all items agreed with customers، Complying with international standards of work, providing innovative solutions commensurate with customer requirements, maintaining that our client is ahead of normal standards when it comes to design and operation


UNITED is a wholly owned Saudi Arabian company with its head office in Riyadh and offices in all cities of the Kingdom

We provide integrated services in air conditioning, cooling and ventilation starting from the study, design and installation of air conditioning and ventilation systems to their maintenance and improvement periodically, in innovative and cost-effective ways and energy consumption, for commercial, industrial and residential projects, devices and systems are carefully selected and installed to match the type, nature and size of the place.

United provides facilities management services to its customers, which includes Engineering Maintenance, Maintenance, Operation and cleanliness of facilities, energy and asset management. This is aimed at ensuring sustainable performance and operational effectiveness of facilities.

Since the establishment of the company, we have been fully convinced that our employees are our true assets, as we work with the firm belief that people are the ones who make the difference in the workplace. We know that when we get things done to the fullest, it directly reflects on enhancing the lives of our customers and making it easier, and this is what drives us to provide the best quality.

We always strive to provide unique solutions and services tailored to the needs of our customers in the sector of “air conditioning and refrigeration” “facilities management” “air conditioning spare parts”, to start our journey from where the others ended to provide our customers with “innovative solutions .... For an easier life”

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ISO 9001 Quality Management System

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ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

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ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health & Safety Management System

How We Work

Our clients are more than our projects, as our reputation depends on the constant satisfaction of each of them, our goal is to allow them to focus on managing their tasks, supported by our services provided to them.

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Corporate Responsibility

UNITED is a people organization, working with a strong belief that great people makes a difference. We believe in our responsibility – to the planet, our people and the communities we serve. We know that when we get things right, it enhances lives and makes the world work better and that is what drives us.

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We perform all commitments agreed with the Partners (UNITED professionals, Government, and Clients) efficiently; and provide prompt responses to new requests and accept the constructive criticism as well.

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UNITED robust health, safety and Environmental (HSE) practices are driven by uncompromising commitment to safety. At UFC safety drives the actions of every employee at every location, every day. Our people deserve it. Our clients demand it. Our performance depends on it.

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High Standards

UNITED is committed to quality and compliance. We take pride in setting the standard for the facility services industry – both in terms of the services and solutions we provide. Our systematic approach ensures a smooth and hassle-free integrated facility management project.

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Intelligent Solutions

From smarter process to innovative technology, we keep our customer ahead of the normal standards when it comes to designing and operating UFC delivers efficiencies while keeping your people engaged.

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The main reason our customers say we understand them. With decades of expertise and an extensively tested process, we know how to meet the needs and provide a peace of mind from day (1).

Our Clients

We are trusted by more than 30 + government agencies and institutions

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From smarter process to innovative technology, we keep our customer ahead of the normal standards when it comes to designing and operating UNITED delivers efficiencies while keeping your people engaged

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