Chiller system

Chiller system

chiller system: high capacity for cooling large areas.

Chiller system are a system central air conditioning is used to provide cooling and air treatment in large buildings.

1-What are chiller system

Water is used as a cooling medium in the chiller air conditioners inside the place to be cooled, the water is cooled first as it passes through the evaporator, and then the cold water is pumped to heat exchangers inside the places to be cooled by special pumps،

The heat is then exchanged between the cold water and the air of the place to be cooled by fans attached to these exchangers or so-called Air Handling Units (Air handling Unit)

2-components of chiller system

Chiller conditioners consist of four main elements:

  1. Compressor
  2. Condenser
  3. Expansion Valve
  4. Evaporator

The chiller system is divided into three main parts:

  1. Chiller
  2. AHU
  3. Pumps

2-components of chiller system

  •  Schiller air cooling, cooling is carried out by external air and this type is installed in open places “Open Air”
  •  Water cooling Schiller, in which cooling is carried out by water and consists of two water circuits

the First Circuit, in which the water is cooled by a chiller and is chemically treated water so as not to cause corrosion of pipes and pumps, the temperature of this water is low, and then this water is used after being cooled by a chiller to cool the rooms of the building where it passes through a coil of pipes and through a fan the air is pushed and enters the place to be conditioned cold, and the temperature is controlled by a thermostat.

the Second Circuit, is a circuit dedicated to cooling the chiller itself and is connected to cooling towers located at the top of the building where water is sprayed and cooled by a huge fan, and then returned by pumps to the chiller itself to cool it.

4- types of chiller system in terms of the type of compressor used 

1- Centrifugal Chillers

2- Screw Chillers

3- Reciprocating Chillers

Types of chiller system in terms of condenser cooling 

1- Air Cooled Chiller

2- Water Cooled Chiller

5- advantages of Chiller system

Chiller air conditioners are considered to have high practical efficiency, in addition to economic efficiency, especially for huge buildings that require a huge cooling capacity.the capacities of air chiller air conditioners can reach from 50 tons to 500 tons, while water chiller air conditioners start from 100 tons to 3000 thousand tons and more.

6- requirements and stages of installation of chiller system

The place of installation should be taken into account and the weight of the air conditioners should be taken into account if they are installed in the roofs, and this should be done by the site engineer who reviews the factory recommendations and reads catalogs and these are the most prominent general notes for the installation of the air conditioners.

  1. Laying high concrete bases taking into account the dimensions of the Sheeler
  2. Compatibility of loads that will be used to raise and lower the Shiller.
  3. Take into account the places and direction of the chiller and the areas of the water inlet and outlet pipes.
  4. Make sure that there are no inclinations in the bases and paint them with epoxy to protect them from weathering.
  5. It is necessary to ensure that the pipe network is washed before opening the valves and the flow of water inside the chiller and insulated after completion of the works.
8- Choose the right system

The appropriate system is selected according to the use of the entity and the capabilities that the building needs to be cooled, and the Commons is the pneumatic system for its ease of operation, installation and flexibility،

As for the water system, it has great capabilities, but attention should be paid to its need for additional pumps and condensate cooling towers and it can be placed in an enclosed space while ensuring the access of water pipes from the cooling towers.

8- For any other inquiries

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