AC Maintenance

AC Maintenance

Air conditioning maintenance is one of the main elements in any building, to ensure the performance and efficiency of cooling and air quality, whether in residential or commercial buildings

Air conditioning systems regulate air temperature and humidity, providing a comfortable environment for users. In order for the system to remain working efficiently and maintain its perfect performance, it needs regular maintenance and periodic inspections.

1- The importance of maintaining air conditioning systems

  1. maintaining system efficiency: HVAC maintenance is reflected in its efficiency and good performance, as soon as systems lose part of their efficiency due to corrosion or accumulations, energy consumption increases and cooling or heating performance decreases.
  2. energy and cost savings: periodic HVAC maintenance contributes to improving its efficiency, resulting in energy savings. Maintaining good airflow, cleaning filters, updating worn components help reduce stress on the system and thereby reduce operational costs.
  3. air quality assurance: HVAC maintenance works to maintain indoor air quality. Clean filters and evaporators contribute to reducing the spread of harmful particles and improving air quality, which serves the overall health of residents in the building.
  4. avoid sudden breakdowns: periodic HVAC maintenance allows detecting possible problems before they turn into major breakdowns. Avoiding sudden malfunctions prevents inconvenience and sudden interruption of Service, which is one of the frequent and unlikely problems, especially in our region.
  5. extending the life of the system: periodic HVAC maintenance is an effective way to extend its life. By avoiding potential problems early and dealing with them effectively, parts deterioration can be avoided and service continuity improved.

2. types of HVAC maintenance

1- Preventive maintenance:

  • cleaning filters: replace or clean filters regularly to maintain good airflow and reduce energy consumption.
  • check condensers and evaporators: check their condition and clean them to improve heat distribution.
  • check compressors: compressors must be checked periodically, in order to ensure their safety and the absence of malfunctions.
  • checking the Freon level: ensure that the gas level in the outdoor unit is adequate to maintain cooling efficiency.
  • inspect wires and connectors: check the integrity of the wires and make sure there is no rupture or damage.
  • cleaning ducting " Duct”: ducting (air ducts) must be cleaned every year, in order to remove dirt and dust stuck in them, which may cause obstruction of air flow.

2-emergency maintenance:

  • fixing leaks: checking network extensions "Duct" to check for leaks and avoid air loss. And check the copper pipes to avoid Freon leakage.
  • correction of pressure problems: adjust the pressure in the system to maintain effective air distribution.
  • repair damaged components: replace or repair any damaged part that affects system performance.

3- AC maintenance contracts

At United air conditioning, we offer air conditioning maintenance contracts that include periodic and urgent services. Such contracts include

  1. periodic visits: carry out regular maintenance and inspection to ensure the safety and efficiency of the system.
  2. prompt inspection: provide prompt services in case of malfunction or unexpected problem.
  3. spare parts supply: insurance spare parts needed for repair and replacement.
  4. maintenance reports: prepare periodic reports showing the status of the system and the actions taken.
  5. discounts and privileges: provide discounts on spare parts and repair services as part of the contract.
4-Tips for maintaining HVAC systems

In addition to performing periodic HVAC maintenance, there are some tips that can be followed to maintain HVAC systems, including:

  • Turn on the air conditioning at a suitable temperature, so that the temperature does not fall below 22 degrees Celsius.
  • Do not turn on the air conditioning when no one is in the room.
  • Close windows and doors while the air conditioner is running to ensure that cold air does not leak out.
  • Periodically clean the outdoor unit.
  • Periodically clean the filters of the indoor unit.
5- For any other inquiries

We provide HVAC maintenance services by qualified and experienced engineers and technicians to ensure that the system is working properly according to the specified standards and requirements.

We always strive to provide unique solutions and services tailored to the needs of our customers, to start our journey from where others ended to offer our customers " innovative solutions.... For an easier life

Do not hesitate to request air conditioning maintenance service, or any inquiry about the different air conditioning systems and whichever is most suitable for your project, our engineers are waiting for your request, and help you. Just click on the “Contact Us " button, or talk to our engineer via WhatsApp


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